Transfer Mac Outlook Folders to Mac Mail – What Experts Recommend for Best Results

OLM Extractor Pro helps you to convert / transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail / Apple Mail ( Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc) smoothly. Try it today.

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Easy way to transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail

Moving your data across computers or different programs can be quite exhausting. Email files are some of the most complex forms of data to transfer.

Today we are going to discuss one such form of migration that may be the hardest of all – transferring Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail.

Mac Outlook and Mac Mail are two email clients that do not share a common data file. Mac Outlook uses OLM, and Mac Mail uses MBOX. All common techniques to extract contents these files fall short of the standards that users wish for.

This issue is partly at fault with the converters and partly with the nature of the file formats themselves. OLM and MBOX uses entirely different and comlex architecture for data processing. The format of items such as attachments, graphical objects, etc. are poles apart.

So, how can you transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail without getting stuck? The answer lies in the properly written algorithms that can reach to the deepest part of the files and extract the information cleanly.

And the good news is that there is one such tool that meets such inner structure of efficient programming. It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro” by USL Software. The team behind the tool is expert at developing email migration tools. There is a long lineup of applications to back USL’s credibility.

“OLM Extractor Pro” fixes all the issues that has been stuck with this job like a curse. Where most developers failed to maneuver into the deepest corners of OLM files for extraction, this tool does that perfect combination of in-depth and multi-phase scan algorithms.

transfer mac outlook to mac mail

The product of that is an amazingly accurate, quick, and powerful application to transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail.

And when you take into account how easy “OLM Extractor Pro” is to use, the entire package becomes more impressive. The abstraction layer ensures the complex tasks operate behind the curtains automatically, making it easy for users to interact without much efforts and mental load.
USL Software managed to get every detail right. Right from the installation to loading your files to the actual conversion, everything runs steadily and smoothly. The tool is perfectly stable and performs without glitches even with bulk conversion.

And then there is support for elements that aren’t usually converted by ordinary tools, such as: non-English text, graphical objects within emails, email attachments with complicated file formats, metadata, and nested messages.

The target for the team was to develop a tool that’s easy to use and is able to bring the entire data from OLM to Mac Mail MBOX files without losing the fidelity. The output would be the perfect mirroring of original data, its structure, metadata.

transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail

This is how you transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail:

  1. Archive emails to OLM files from Mac Outlook (Go to ‘File’-‘Export’)
  2. Load the OLM Files to the tool
  3. Choose Folders for conversion.
  4. Check other settings
  5. Choose Output as “Apple Mail, Address Book, Calendar (iCal)”
  6. Click ‘Convert’
  7. Wait for the tool to generate Apple Mail supported Mailbox
  8. Import converted Output files to Mac Mail.

In just few clicks, every email, contact, calendar items, etc. have been converted from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail.

It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Want to see it action? Get the setup, install it, and start the trial version. It literally would take no less than 2 minutes to experience “OLM Extractor Pro” directly. No activation, no information, no signing up required. The direct downloadable file is less than 25MB.

It works for both home users and in workplace environment. Get the installer file now and get started.

Every expert today uses “OLM Extractor Pro” for best results to transfer Mac Outlook folders to Mac Mail.

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