The Best OLM Converter Tool

“OLM Extractor Pro” is our most effective and distinct Mac based email migration tool, which converts olm file to other file formats in an easy, effortless, and effective manner.

User friendly Interface Accurate Conversion Safe and Secure Super Fast Conversion

-: Let us have a look at some of its best features :-

An immaculate and efficient converter built right in:

OLM Extractor Pro is a perfect tool for converting Mac Outlook Data file (*.olm) to many other file formats.

  1. Apple Mail, Address Book, Calendars (iCal)
  2. Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 (*.rge)
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird, *.vcf, *.ics
  4. Postbox, *.vcf, *.ics
  5. *.mbox, *.vcf, *.ics
  6. *.eml, *.vcf, *.ics

Preserves attachments and nested messages:

Emails with attachments is the common form of sharing files over the internet and has been long enough to accept it as the most popular way of sharing information.

OLM Extractor Pro makes sure all your attachments are preserved when it converts OLM to MBOX, EML or other formats.

Moreover, it maintains the nested messages and the original conversation style of your emails as it is originally without modifying it a bit.

Preserves Unicode content:

Unicode content means the content not in English language. Languages other than English are in a different format. However, do not worry about it anymore. “OLM Extractor Pro” efficiently takes care of Unicode content as well and does not let it corrupt or delete.

Bulk Conversion of OLM files:

It supports bulk conversion of OLM files. Now you can convert huge number of OLM files, without taking stress over performance or productivity. This saves comparatively a lot of your time when you convert OLM files through this tool.

The qualities making it a perfect fit for its job

The OLM Extractor Pro gives best user experience on your olm file conversion.

Speed of Conversion

It works wondrously with fast speed, which can result in increasing your efficiency at work or at home by saving almost double of your time. The technology makes everything execute swiftly, promptly, and without a second delay.

Even the bulk conversion of OLM files to EML or MBOX is very quick. By the time you would be back from your tea-break, it would have converted hundreds or even thousands of OLM files to the file format of your choice.

Highly user-friendly

Contrary to the very sophisticated technology working behind the screens, the front area, also called the user interface, is downright simple and user-friendly.

The conversion wizard comprises of self-explanatory wizard screens that guide you at every step. We designed “OLM Extractor Pro” keeping both of our beginners and advanced users in mind. Whether or not you have the complex technical knowledge of such type of conversion process, you would find no challenges in performing the conversion.

Safety of the content

Have you ever faced the terror of data loss and corruption during OLM to MBOX or OLM to EML conversion? Nothing could be worse than that. Relax, we offer 100% guarantee of the safety.

We understand the importance of your data and deal with it as if it was our own. With “OLM Extractor Pro,” you will get the most protective environment for the conversion process.

Additional Value

24*7 Support: Stuck somewhere during OLM to MBOX or OLM to EML conversion? Have some issues? Got some questions for us? Do not hesitate to contact our 24 hours customer support.

Free Lifetime Updates: With “OLM Extractor Pro,” there are zero expenses. Meaning, there is no maintenance cost for the software are the initial purchase.