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Olm to Mac Mail converter is a special group of software that deals with email migration from Olm files (Mac Outlook data files) to files compatible with Mac Mail. These converters’ job is to draw every information and data inside Olm files and rebuild it for a new database that can go with Mac Mail.

We need to do this because of the fact that Olm files can’t be imported directly into Mac Mail. Olm is a proprietary file that supports only Mac Outlook, unlike Mbox that is not supported with various email clients.

Few decent and positively reviewed Olm to Mac Mail converters can be found on internet. But be aware of what you are going to get. Most of the software do not do what they were advertised to do. In most of the cases, they make the mistake of losing items behind and not converting everything thoroughly.

OLM Extractor Pro – A perfect OLM to Mac Mail Converter, It can also convert Mac Outlook Database (OLM) to Thunderbird Email Database, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Postbox Email Database, Apple Mail Mailbox, MBOX & EML File format.

Think about this –

Do you keep your emails arranged inside folders and sub-folders?

Do your receive emails with attachments and images?

Do you ever receive emails with text in language other than English?

What if the part that stores these information and data (folders order, images, non-English text) are lost during conversion?

Furthermore, every email has a header. Every file has a meta-data. The information associated with the email data files can be very important. Such as, time and date of email, sender and receiver email Ids, read/unread status of emails, data such as Cc, Bcc, and subject line, etc.

Imagine not finding such information intact after the conversion. The folder structure is all modified, the sender ID only mentions the initials, characters with non-English language are lost, images are broken, subject line is cut in half, etc.

On top of this, this process of data conversion usually takes a lot of hours, is hard to perform by beginners, and can really zap your energy.

Not a pretty scenario, right?

And yet, this is what happens usually when you sit to convert your files with ordinary OLM to Mac Mail Converters. Take any thread from online forums and you’d find the evidence of users trying to find out the ways to avoid this chaos. It has gotten to the point that there is a weird thing going on – people sort of accepting the problem and thinking of this as normal.

Email is a major communication medium, and email clients has a major role in that. Why, then, when it comes email migration, everything seems to get inefficient?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Developers at USL Software went for creating a solution that could be exact opposite of the above scenario – quick, smooth, and most of all, accurate.

The tool is called “Olm Extractor Pro” and it works pretty impressively. You load your Olm files, and choose the output you want after conversion, which in this case is Apple Mail or Mac Mail. Rest is up to the tool. It gives you the converted Mac Mail files under few minutes that you can then import to Mac Mail client.

See, how the OLM to Mac Mail Converter Works

olm to mac mail converter

For the record, the tool is a complete package for almost all your conversion needs from Olm to major clients and file formats, such as Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and Mac Mail, and Mbox, Eml, and Rge format.

I will recommend you to download free trial of our OLM to Mac Mail Converter tool to see how it works.

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