How to convert OLM to MBOX

The conclusive answer on how to convert OLM to MBOX thoroughly, without missing any data component, resulting in partial migration.

How to convert OLM to MBOX Thoroughly!

Converting OLM to MBOX is seldom completely from traditional methods. “OLM Extractor Pro” brings for the first time the opportunity to convert data without missing component. It converts everything thoroughly and will never result in partially converted files.

Here’s the short tutorial on how to convert OLM to MBOX:

  • Step 1: You need OLM files to begin. It’s simple: Go to ‘File’ –> ‘Export’ menu in your Mac Outlook, and choose the items you want to archive, choose the location to save the OLM file, and click ‘Finish.’
  • Step 2: Launch “OLM Extractor Pro”, click “Add OLM”, choose the OLM files you got in the Step to convert olm to mbox
  • Step 3: Choose the folders you want to convert. Use the filter options to filter folders such as mails, contacts, calendar, and empty folders.
  • Step 4: Choose the 4th output option from the drop-down menu: “Mbox, Vcf, Ics” where VCF and ICS are data files for contacts and calendar to convert olm to mbox file
  • Step 5: There are three additional setting options available. Set them according to your preferences:
    • Save read & unread emails in separate folders
    • Merge contacts in a single VCF file from each folder
    • Merge calendar in a single ICS file from each folder
  • Step 6: Click ‘Convert‘ and wait till the conversion is finished. The confirmation window when the conversion is finished shows the brief log report, a link to the full detailed log report, and a link to the location where the converted MBOX files are saved.

This is the simplest approach for converting OLM to MBOX. No other email migration tool allows converting data files with such simplicity. Almost all of the operations with “OLM Extractor Pro” are automated, with an exception to the additional settings (optional) and inputting OLM files as the starting point.

OLM Extractor Pro” also gives far more accurate output files, without any loss in data integrity. It supports the conversion of all complex items that the ordinary tools would fail to, such as: graphical objects, metadata and headers, email attachments, nested messages, and so on. It also fully supports the conversion of non-English text, including Japanese and Chinese (double-byte characters).

Download the free trial setup today and start converting OLM to MBOX efficiently, quickly, and without the loss of data integrity.

The tutorial (How to convert OLM to MBOX) helps you to convert olm files to mbox file format.

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