Import Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail without worrying about data losses or corruption issues

import outlook 2011 to Mac Mail using OLM Extractor Pro. Faster, Easier and Safer email migration from Outlook 2011/2016 (OLM) to Mac Mail and other file format.

Email migration is very similar to language translation. If you are not an expert or using a professional translator, you would find many ambiguities or anomalies in your work. Try to convert a sentence from one language to another and then convert it back. You would notice that the final sentence is not exactly similar to the original one. During the translation, it has lost some of the words, or its overall essence.

Import Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail presents itself with the similar kind of challenge.

Outlook 2011 is a versatile email migration for Mac platform. However, it comes at a cost, that is, it has to be purchased. Whereas, Mac Mail is installed by default in all Mac computers and it offers similar high functionality and features as in Outlook 2011. For one motive or the other, users do transfer their data from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail.

But it is easily said than done.

Importing the contents from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail could result in heavy data loss, data corruption, or data integrity issues. Your emails, contacts, calendar entries and task items contain many different type of information. There are other files that are attached to them, making them more useful and valuable. You can attach photos to your contacts, you can embed images within your email body, and so on.

However, while moving the data, some of these data types of information may be corrupted or lost beyond repair.

Here are some of the following most common data corruption or data integrity issues-

Loss of Attachments – Since the 2000s, popularity of emails is always on a rise, and since then, sharing files with emails have become the most fastest way of file-sharing. These attachments become vulnerable while importing Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail and may be susceptible to data loss or corruption.

Imbedded Images – you may sent emails or received emails containing images imbedded within the body. Frequently with ordinary migration tools, these images are found broken (corrupted) or lost after the conversion.

Folder Hierarchy – The order of your email folders is important for you to easily sort out your messages and keep a track of them efficiently. If you manage thousands or more emails regularly, the loss of folder-hierarchy would be a huge headache. Many times, through manual email migration or inefficient software, one loses the folder hierarchy.

Unicode Content – Do you constantly deal with over-seas clients in a different language other than English? If you do, you must also receive emails and other files in other languages. And if you do, you must be scared of losing them. These non-English content, also called Unicode content, are coded differently in different email clients. Thus, it requires special detailed programming to detect such non-English text in Outlook 2011 and being able to convert it to Mac Mail without any loss.

SMTP headers/metadata– information such as To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Time and data stamp etc. is also vulnerable and ordinary tools fail to preserve it.

If the above risk of data corruption makes you dizzy and faint, it is quite understood. After all, we decide of performing email migration because we care about our stored contents; and we would hate to find any data integrity issues once the conversion is done.

Don’t worry. There is a solution that has the capability of preserving your data to a minute detail. It is called OLM Extractor Pro and it is a highly convenient tool to not only transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, but also to migrate your OLM files (outlook 2011 files) to any other popular Mac based email clients.

Safely Import Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail using OLM Extractor Pro

OLM Extractor Pro has the painstakingly designed mechanism that can detect the smallest amount of information and data and efficiently convert it to your desired format, such as Mac Mail, Entourage, postbox, EML, EMLX, and Thunderbird.

Migrate Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

Import Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

Try it today to Import Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail.

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