Transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail Easily

Transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail easily using Olm Extractor Pro, a professional third party tool, built to offer streamline experience of email migration.

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Transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

There is a reason why many people hate the idea of email migration, particularly the idea of transferring Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail. It is always challenging, and the fact that there aren’t any efficient ways to do it makes it much more tedious and intimidating.

But, the good news is that we have brought a truly effective and easy to use tool to convert and transfer your emails from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail. The tool uses the state-of-the-art technology to bring accurate and seamless data transfer. And it also incorporates the graphical wizard that makes it effortless for even computer beginners to use it for their own migration. You have to simply follow the step outlined by that wizard, by reading the instructions, and within few minutes you will be all done with it.

Tool to Transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

It is called “Olm Extractor Pro”, and at its core, it is a file converter. It takes the Olm file (Mac Outlook file) and extracts the data to Mac Mail files (Mbox format). Thus, the name is appropriately given “Olm Extractor Pro”. When you have the Mbox file, you can simply import them to your Mac Mail using its in0-built import/export feature.

outlook 2011 to mac mail

OLM Extractor Pro is an ultimate tool to convert / transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, Microsoft Entourage Archive, Thunderbird Mail Database, *.mbox & *.eml file format.

transfer outlook 2011 to mac mail

But first, you need an Olm file to begin. It is super easy to archive all of your data from Outlook 2011 to Olm file. Begin by going to ‘file’ → Export → Outlook for Mac Data file. Check the folders you want to export to Olm, click the right arrow to continue, and continue following the instructions. That’s it. Once you have that Olm file, you can load it to “Olm Extractor Pro” easily.

Some of the distinct features of “Olm Extractor Pro”

  • User-friendly – As stated earlier, it has a simple graphical wizard that makes everything look simple and straightforward. That is one of its most significant feature, because it allows all kinds of users to use it for Outlook 2011 to Mbox migration.
  • Contacts and Calendar – It also supports contacts and calendar data conversion, besides email conversion. You can convert your Contact and calendar data to Vcf and Ics file respectively. Moreover, the tool lets you merge these data into a single file, for each respective folder. That means, you can convert all the contacts from one folder into a single Vcf file. And similar feature applies for Calendar, where a folder of calendar data can be converted and merged into a single ICs file.
  • Batch conversion – “Olm Extractor Pro” is designed to offer seamless batch conversion of Olm files. You can select multiple Olm files all at once and convert it to Mac Mail Mbox format.

how to transfer outlook 2011 to mac mail

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transferring Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

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Get ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ to transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, MBOX, EML file format.

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