Export Outlook 2011 to MBOX

Export Outlook 2011 to MBOX - the experts approved method using a certified tool called "OLM Extractor Pro".

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The Expert’s Approved Tool to Export Outlook 2011 to MBOX Comfortably.

Export Outlook 2011 to MBOX in Mac

Countless tools and programs have flooded the internet recently claiming to help users Outlook 2011 to MBOX. Unfortunately, none of them work as you’d quite expect them to.
What’s the reason behind this?

Ever since users have got many choices, they are free to switch their email clients. For this context, we are talking about talking about switching from Outlook to Mac Mail. Which is fine, unless you have a lot of data in Outlook 2011. Then, it can get disastrous trying to migrate that data into Mac Mail.

And no official support from either of the companies (Microsoft and Apple), lots of third-party developers have tried to cash the opportunity. Some of the software applications to export Outlook 2011 to MBOX are fine, but most of them are inferior tools that have no adequate way to convert data properly.

And when it comes to email migration, decent tools don’t cut it either. Therefore, you require a completely professional email migration program to deal with this. A tool that can perform a clean extraction of information and implement into new MBOX files.

What is MBOX file?

You might be wondering what is MBOX file? It’s basically a file that Apple Mail uses to store data. You have to manually go to ‘Export’ to put all of your emails and contacts from Outlook 2011 to MBOX. But the problem is that Outlook 2011 cannot do that; otherwise the process would be simple – archive data from Outlook 2011 to MBOX, import MBOX to Apple Mail, and voila, everything’s done!

But since Outlook has no way to put data into MBOX files, we have to convert the files that Outlook uses, which is OLM.

And this where “OLM Extractor Pro” comes.

Export Outlook 2011 to MBOX

It is unlike any other tool in the market. Developed by USL Software, the tool has the most advanced processing algorithms and dedicated logic for OLM files that will give you the clean migration opportunity for this job.

Here are some of its features that makes it stand out from the rest:

  • Unlike other tools, it has a simple interface that doesn’t overwhelm the users.
  • It supports the conversion of all languages, even double-byte characters.
  • You can also expect your entire folder hierarchy to be exactly mapped out into MBOX files like it was in OLM files.
  • It works quickly, converting a GB of OLM File under ten minutes or less. This data-flow rate is ten times quicker than the other leading tools in the same segment.
  • It works accurately, and doesn’t crush your data integrity. This simply means that it has power micro-operations that even supports the conversion of minute details like meta-data, headers, images, and so on.
  • Backed up by 24×7 customer support
  • Free lifetime updates

Outlook 2011 to mbox

Get it to Export Outlook 2011 to MBOX

You should give it a try right now – https://www.olmextractorpro.com/download-now/.

You may have heard that you can drag and drop the folders from Mac Outlook to Mac desktop to convert the contents into MBOX files. Well, if you don’t know how inefficient that approach is, just try it yourself. Or if you don’t want waste time, you can read all about the horrors of data loss while employing a manual technique like drag-and-drop.

But here’s the best way of going forward – just get the free trial setup of “OLM Extractor Pro” and start using it. You will be surprised by how functional this tool is. And quite possibly, you wouldn’t need anything else to make a successful data migration from Outlook 2011 to MBOX Apple Mail.

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