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Import Outlook Mac to Apple Mail with zero worries such as partial data export, damaged images, broken text, and so on. Find out how to import data cleanly.

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The Best Way to Import Outlook Mac to Apple Mail

More often than not, whenever you migrate your data between two computers/programs/email clients, you’d end up with partially converted information. This is called loss of data integrity, when the original information doesn’t exactly match the output.

With tasks like email migration, this becomes the major worrying issue. Import Outlook Mac to Apple Mail is the most frequently performed task (because both clients have a large user base), and lack of any proper solutions can really be frustrating.

“OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software has changed that.

It is a unique Mac utility that is built from grounds-up, eliminating all issues that ordinary tools failed to, especially the loss of data integrity.

import outlook mac to apple mail

Take a look at the following data items and see if your email database has one of them:

  • Email attachments
  • Metadata and headers (to, From, subject, cc, bcc)
  • Timestamps and date
  • Nested messages
  • Folder hierarchy
  • Non-English text
  • Embedded images

Chances are very less that your database doesn’t include the above items or information bits. In fact, items like metadata are mandatory details attached with emails.

Now, imagine losing these details while importing Outlook Mac to Apple Mail. It must be highly disappointing. Yet, almost all Outlook Mac to Apple Mail converters do not contain adequate set of logic to manage the conversion of these components. Their weak algorithms falter at the first confrontation with a complex data-form.

“OLM Extractor Pro” was built with this in mind, and USL Software has succeeded in making it the most accurate tool of its time.

importing outlook mac to apple mail

The micro-managing of small but important items has been taken to new heights. The modules employed to capture information on a deeper level and multi-threads logic perform the clean migration as you’d expect.

Most impressive of it all is the support for Unicode or non-English text. Languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese use double-byte characters that come inside Unicode encoding standards. The ordinary OLM to MBOX or Outlook to Mac Mail converters do not have the full support to detect and convert such characters. “OLM Extractor Pro” does. It was built with a dedicated framework to grab onto every single character encoded by any standards (ASCII, UTF-8, DBCS, etc.).

There are other features as well, such as:

  • You can now convert data in bulk. Just load all OLM files together and convert them to Apple Mail in batch.
  • You can merge all contacts to a single VCF file per folder.
  • You can also merge all calendar reminders and events to a single ICS file per folder.
  • You can manually select or de-select folders to include or exclude them from conversion.
  • A single-click option to ignore all empty folders.
  • Filtering option to filter emails, contacts, and calendar folders.
  • A full log-report for detailed analysis of conversion.
  • and more

And finally, all of this comes together in a carefully knitted interface. The graphical based interface is very intuitive to use by anyone even for completely non-experiences users who are importing Outlook Mac to Apple Mail or any other form of email migration for the first time. All the features stated above are self-explanatory and carefully structured within its interface.

You don’t even need any tutorial or walkthrough to know how to use it for importing Outlook OLM file to Apple Mail.

Download to Import Outlook Mac to Apple Mail

Download the free trial version to see how it works in action. You can contact the support staff to help in any way necessary.

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