A Competent Pst to Mbox Converter for Mac to deliver accurate results

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Do you need a Pst to Mbox Converter for Mac, fully qualified to deliver accurate email migration results? Try Pst Extractor Pro now. It is built upon the foundation of complex algorithm for data extraction, but covered by equally non-complex and elegant interface, making the conversion seems like a child’s play.

If you are thinking of going over to Mac, you must be wondering how the data can be transferred from windows Outlook to Apple Mail.

Don’t worry. We have the right solution for that. With the help of a particular Pst to Mbox converter, you can perform the migration with a surprising ease, accuracy, and speed.

pst to mbox converter for macIf you need to do it right now, download the free trial version of “Pst Extractor Pro” here without any hesitation. It is available for instant download, without having to give any credit card details, or without any signing up. In fact, there is no information needed to claim your free copy of the tool.

Download the .dmg setup of the tool and run it in your Mac literally within a minute. There are no restrictions to the features, except that you can only convert 10 items per folder.

If you don’t want to do that right now, I suggest that you keep reading and know more about the performance and the features of this remarkable Pst to mbox Converter for mac.

  • Generates Unicode to support all text encoding

Which, in a simpler terms, means that you have nothing to worry about any non-English content. All the languages can be precisely converted from Pst to Mbox. Even double-bye characters, such as Chinese, are preserved.

  • Keeps the order of your folders and sub-folders untouched

Do you arrange your emails in folders? If yes, then you would be pleased to know that the hierarchy of those folders would remain same after the conversion.

  • Better management of Read and unread emails

The tool is capable of scanning the email files accurately. As a result, it does not lose the read/unread status of emails, and thus, holds the unique functioning of saving them on separate folders. The feature comes as a huge relief for users having thousands of read and unread emails all stored in Windows Outlook.

  • Myriad of features – one wizard screen – many possibilities

The structure of the interface is quiet simple. In fact, it comprises of only screen. Even then, the extraordinary UI does not weakens the efficacy and scope of the tool, nor does it diminish the range of possibilities. For example, there are these features which are creatively implemented into that single screen wizard

  • merge contacts to a single Vcf file
  • Merge calendar to a single ICs file
  • save read/unread emails separately
  • split Mbox files and save them from getting oversized
  • load multiple Pst files
  • choose the output formats to convert Pst

Go ahead and download the free trial version today. When you actually start using it, you would find it incredible pleasant to work with such a simple GUI, and still, feel under total control of the process.

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Perfect PST to MBOX Converter for Mac , PST Extractor Pro converts Windows Outlook to Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML file format.

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