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outlook 2011 to entourage

Outlook 2011 to Entourage conversion made simpler

Entourage is an email client by the same company behind Windows and most popular office apps – Microsoft. Entourage is a full information manager, which could manage many types of data, information, items, and not just emails. Microsoft launched in October 2000 and was built for Mac OS 8.5 and higher.

Although, Microsoft replaced Entourage with Outlook for Mac’ in October 2010, many are still using Entourage as their primary email client.

Thus, there could be several situations where a user is required to transfer the data (emails, and all other items like contacts and tasks) from Outlook 2011 to Entourage. This has been considered one of the most difficult challenges in digital world. Considering that Microsoft developed both email, it seems that the transfer of data would be relatively easier, but it is not.

Entourage is somewhat old in technology and do not receive any recent updates to its source code. On the other hand, Outlook 2011 has quickly raised to one of the top email clients in Mac OS, just second to Apple Mail. This has created a difference in the way both clients deal with data and the kind of files are stored in their databases. Microsoft itself stated that Entourage contained “no ported code, and no Office code”.

Consequently, the transfer of data from Outlook 2011 to Entourage is very tricky. Manual conversion is close to impossible, but even with the help of many third party migration tools, the process of transition is not user-friendly.

Outlook 2011 to Entourage Conversion

Today we are going to discuss in brief two of the most upsetting shortcomings in Outlook 2011 to Entourage migration….and a worthwhile solution to it.

  • No protection to files – Most of the ordinary tools in the market are very risky in terms of data safety. The process of converting Outlook 2011 to Entourage is inherently uncertain for the files, which means, many times users observed a complete loss of files, permanently. The tools offer no relief.
  • No Protection of data integrity – Other than the risk of total file loss, the other concern is that of data integrity loss. On many occasions, the Entourage supporting files that come out of the other end after the conversion vary greatly compared to the original. The information and other fragments of data associated with files are lost. This is called data integrity losses.
    These are what is commonly observed to be most vulnerable:

    • loss of folder hierarchy
    • imbedded images within email body
    • Unicode content (Non-English content)
    • SMTP headers (Metadata, such as time and data stamp, subject, from, etc.)

The solution

OLM Extractor Pro” is the most effective, powerful, and yet, simple email migration tool that helps converting OLM files to Entourage…and many other popular email file formats. Through this tool, you can easily –

outlook 2011 to entourage conversion

“OLM Extractor Pro” is definitely the wisest choice out there for this objective. You do not need any technical expertise to install and run it. The instructions are very clear and even a computer beginner can understand and follow the procedure.

If you are stuck with a huge amount of data in your Outlook 2011 and looking to migrate it to Entourage, no other tool even comes close to offer a professional help to do that.

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