Olm to Windows Live Mail Conversion – How to do it Like a Pro!

Professionals have a special skills to convert data from Olm to Windows Live Mail. Lucky for you, you can use “Olm Extractor Pro”, a tool for beginners, and still achieve pro like results.

Are you looking for Mac Outlook 2011/2016 OLM to Windows Live Mail Conversion Tool?

Email migration is a relatively unknown industry. It refers to transferring of emails from one email client, server, or account to another. The most popular form of email migration is from one email client to another, such as Outlook to Windows Live Mail.

It is relatively unknown because most people who use desktop email clients store their data in online servers. So when they switch to a different client, they simply sync the data from those servers. There is no need to technically transfer the data.

However, there are some users who receive emails in a large quantity with huge files attached to them. This depletes the space allowed in their servers. As a result, they have to delete those emails and files from the servers and keep them stored offline in the databases of their email clients. That becomes a problem when they try to switch to a different email client, because they can’t no longer sync the emails directly from the server.

Olm to Windows Live Mail Conversion

( Windows Live Mail can import EML file format)

Professionals and big corporations have employed computer experts to make such a migration. They develop custom tools and solutions to make the migration hassle-free.

You are here, clearly, because you were using Outlook 2011 in your Mac and now you have switched to Windows Live Mail. You are also here because your emails aren’t online so you are not being to sync them to your new Windows Live Mail directly. And you are also here because you aren’t a big corporation or a huge computer expert to do this task on your own. Perhaps, you are also here because you read about some solutions on internet but can’t find any effective ones.

Do not worry. I am going to reveal a tool/solution that will work wonders for you. It will convert your Outlook Olm files to Windows Live mail efficiently.

It is called “Olm Extractor Pro”, and the free trial version can be downloaded here.

The best thing about this tool is that it has an unbelievably easy and simple GUI. The features are laid out in one simple screen and it feels natural to work through the process. There is nothing confusing or difficult to understand and apply.

And in spite of this simplicity, the results that it delivers are similar to what a custom made, highly sophisticated, and expensive software would deliver. That means, you, a basic every day user can bring can convert Olm files to Windows Live Mail without any pain…like a pro! And you don’t even need to spend huge bucks for that.

“Olm Extractor Pro” has everything you need to make this task efficient.

How to use it?

You are probably wondering what is Olm?

It is simply a file format that Outlook uses to store your emails. So you have to export all your emails from Outlook 2011 into Olm file and load that file into the tool. Next, choose the folders for conversion. For output format, choose “Eml” file because Windows Live Mail uses Eml format. Once the tool has converted the Olm to Eml file, you can simply import back this converted Eml file into Windows Live Mail.

The link to download the tool is given above. Go, and try it. I am sure this make the whole task look like a cake.

OLM Extractor Pro will be simplified your OLM to Windows Live Mail Conversion Needs.

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