Move Emails from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail using a Preciesly Calibrated tool for Accurate Migration

Move emails from Outlook to Mac Mail properly with a calibrated tool that's been customized for the beginners. Try OLM Extractor Pro for free today.

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Move emails from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

Tools developed for moving emails from Outlook to Mac Mail have never been quite complete in their offerings. Most of them were first custom-built for large companies to deal with their complex migration projects. They are quite expensive and doesn’t manage the expectations of a basic home user.

Other normal tools are quite simple but fails to deal with any complex data item. They might look easy to use, but are very naive when it comes to clean migration.

This ideal balance between advanced features and simplicity has always seemed out of reach.
Not anymore.

With “OLM Extractor Pro,” you get both finely-tuned features that provide value and not just overwhelm you with unnecessary manual actions. At the same time, it’s interface is basic and based on minimalistic design. Regardless of your experience and knowledge of email migration, you can use it right from the first second and make the most out of its radical programming.
There isn’t a single thing that you’d want that it can’t do. Offered by USL Software, the tool brings almost all essential features that makes this more than just an OLM to MBOX converter, but a complete software package for efficient and professional email data export.

Move emails from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

It also includes plenty of new additions into its set-of-features that weren’t possible with other conventional tools. For example, it was quite difficult to keep the unread status of emails protected and not turn them into read emails. “OLM Extractor Pro” has a calibrated central mechanics that keep the properties as were originally stated in your input OLM files. So, all the unread emails will remain as unread emails in the output Mac Mail MBOX files. And as a nice little bonus they may prove valuable to certain users, you can even choose to save read and unread emails in separate folders.

This is just one example of a tool that’s very precisely calibrated for most efficiency, and yet its interface is tailored for completely non-experienced users.

One more example of its perfect programming logic that sits at the core of its mechanism – it fully supports the conversion of double-byte and UTF-8 characters, which include languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. USL Software managed to connect the input and output files in such a way that it doesn’t miss out on any offbeat data components that are trickier for other tools to even detect.

You are also given a lot of flexibility. Such as: with a single click, you can dismiss all empty folders from output files. OR, you can merge all contacts per folder into a single VCF file. Or, merge all calendar entries per folder into a single ICS file. These features may sound insignificant, but in practice, they can make a major difference from a painful migration result to a much satisfactory and rewarding experience. The tiny new changes help you export data with control, without losing productivity and without throwing off every element out of balance.

The best thing to do right now is to get the tool in your own hands (or computer) and dive right into it. See directly how well it functions and how painless it makes the entire experience that is otherwise known to be tedious. Even non-Experienced users will find it surprisingly easy and intuitive.

Moving emails from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

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