Move Data from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird like a Professional!

The only safe and effective tool for Mac Outlook to Thunderbird migration. This tool works with every database of Mac Outlook and results in a professional migration output.

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Move data from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird like Pro

Thunderbird is an email client from the Mozilla foundation, the same company that brought to you the renowned Firefox for your browsing experience. Thunderbird is also a free email client with hundreds of free and paid plug-ins and add-on that further improves the user experience.

It is also a cross-platform email program that works on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

It’s not a surprise at all that you’d want to try it. In fact, many users love Thunderbird even more than commercial and paid clients like Outlook 2011.

Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Migration

However, users that already use Outlook 2011 have a problem switching to Thunderbird. What to do of all that data inside Outlook 2011? A slightly experienced user might know that he or she can archive the emails into the data file of Outlook 2011 called OLM. But sadly, that is not enough when it comes to Mac Outlook to Thunderbird transfer. This is because Thunderbird may have many additional plugins but it still doesn’t support the OLM extension from Outlook 2011.

And thus, the users have to move on to other methods.

Method to Move Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Mail

Today, we bring to you one of those methods that is currently the best and is approved by many reliable tech-review sites, IT experienced users, and many other users worldwide. It will be the simplest and yet the most efficient tool you’d have seen for migration of emails from Mac Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird.

The tool is officially titled as “OLM Extractor Pro” and is offered by USL Software.

mac outlook to thunderbird

We suggest you to directly try it out yourself. It’s a far more effective way to see how it works and what all features it has to offer, than reading about it. It’s risk free; the free trial version can be downloaded here without any hassle of signing-up or anything like that.

Go ahead and convert data from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird

If you are curious and would like to know more about it before you download the free version, here’s how it works:

Launch the tool, click on ‘Load OLM,’ select the OLM files you wish to convert, choose output as “Thunderbird” and click ‘Convert.’

That’s it. There’s nothing more to it.

And now, here’s a brief list of its main features:

  • Supports batch conversion
  • Dedicated algorithms to convert non-English text like Chinese and Korean.
  • Improved data-flow to convert data as quickly as possible without deformation.
  • Preview mode to see all the folders inside OLM files before conversion. You can also manually remove any folder from conversion.
  • It converts the entire content of your folders including attachments, images, nested messages, and metadata and headers.
  • It also keeps the folder hierarchy perfectly as original.
  • There is an option to save read and unread emails into separate folders.
  • “OLM Extractor Pro” allows full conversion of contacts and calendar entries.
  • Backed up by 24×7 USL tech support

Once again, the demo will give you a better idea of its functionality in detail. You can get the setup here. Simply install it and start using the tool in the free demo mode for converting Mac Outlook to Thunderbird.

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To convert Mac Outlook to Thunderbird, try OLM Extractor Pro today.

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