Migrate Outlook Contacts to Apple Mail by Converting Them to VCF Comfortably!

How to migrate Outlook contacts to Apple Mail easily. This tool, dedicated to complete email migration of every item, will help you handle contacts conversion very well.

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Migrate Outlook Contacts to Apple Mail

Vcard is a file type with .VCF extension, used for storing contacts information. This is a very generic format to store contacts information. It can be used with many apps, programs, and even android phones. They are often attached with emails, but can be shared with anyone like a regular file.

Vcard or VCF files can contain a lot of information in multiple data-fields, such as name and address information, phone numbers, website names, photos, or virtually anything that you want to add to the contact.

How does VCF file fit into the task of migrating Outlook contacts to Apple Mail?

Because we can use this file to import contacts across these two clients. We’ll see how in a second.

First of all, users might think it can be done by drag and drop method. What is a drag and drop method? Basically, you can manually drag the email folders from Mac Outlook into Mac desktop and that turns the files into .MBOX files, which you can import to Mac Mail (You cannot directly import OLM to Mac Mail as OLM format is not supported). However, this approach works only for emails. Contacts and calendar entries cannot be migrated this way.

Therefore, you have to find a different method for moving your emails.

As a side note, moving even your email data by drag and drop method is quite tedious and almost never accurate. You can see lot of missing items and discontinuity in resulting MBOX files that make this method not practical. The good news is that, if you want to migrate your emails as well (along with contacts), the method and the tool recommended below can help you do both. And what’s even better, it also works for calendar entries.

Solution to Migrate Outlook Contacts to Apple Mail

The solution is to use “OLM Extractor Pro” application developed by USL Software.

migrate Outlook contacts to Apple Mail

Forget everything that you may have been told or you read it somewhere for migrating Outlook contacts (or emails or calendar items) to Apple Mail. “OLM Extractor Pro” avoids all inefficient and unsafe techniques, and rather rely upon the unique approach of USL Software.

Basically, all you have to do to migrate Outlook contacts to Apple Mail is first archive every contact folder into OLM file. You can do this by going to ‘File’–> ‘Export’ in your Mac Outlook. (Additionally, check your email folders as well if you need to migrate emails too).

Then, load that OLM file into “OLM Extractor Pro.” At the top you can see a checkbox named “Contacts.” Click on it and the tool will hide all folders except the ones that have contacts inside them. Now simply choose “VCF” from the output list and click ‘Convert.’ If you have to convert emails too, choose ‘Apple Mail’ from the output, which instructs the tool to convert all email folders into MBOX file, and contacts into VCF file automatically.

Also, you can merge all contacts from a single folder into a single VCF file.

Once the conversion is over, you can import the VCF file to Apple Mail or any other program that supports vCard files.

Additionally, there is one more feature that “OLM Extractor Pro” offers and that is – it also converts the calendar entries from OLM files into ICS file. ICS is a native data file of Cal (Apple’s default Calendar app) that is also compatible with many calendar apps.

“OLM Extractor Pro” is a convenient solution to get your emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail. It has a simple interface through which you can apply its features and smoothly convert data with no problems.

Get it to Migrate Outlook Contacts to Apple Mail

Download the free trial version and check it out in person.

You can download it here: http://www.olmextractorpro.com/download-now/.

outlook contacts to apple mail

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To migrate Outlook contacts to Apple Mail, try ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ today.

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