Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail Migration

Can you swap data from Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail easily and without losing your sleep over it? Let's find out.

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Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail Migration

Desktop clients like Windows Live Mail and more modern clients like Mac Outlook 2016 have helped users deal with emails more efficiently. Emails have also gotten highly complex since their inception back in 1970s. But there is one small issue that some group of users can face because of these clients and the data complexity.

It’s the group of users who have been using Outlook 2011 for Mac for quite some time but now they wish to switch to Windows Live Mail and wants all their data transferred.

Way to Migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail

Since Outlook Mac is a modern email client with very dissimilar structure and data files than Windows Live Mail, this migration can become nasty. OLM files used by Mac Outlook go completely unrecognizable in Windows Live Mail that only understand EML format.

Methods that don’t use any third-party tools and are performed manually are frankly not worth your time. Users that have tried them were quite frustrated and disappointed by all the missing data, corruption, and partial migration. You can read those reports online in bulk.

So the question comes up quite often – is it even possible to move from Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail and swap the data without losing your sleep over it?
Let’s find out.

Tool for Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail Conversion

USL Software is a software company that deals majorly with email migration tasks. They frequently come up with unconventional but surprisingly effective solutions that helped thousands of users worldwide move their emails easily. This time USL Software brings a tool called “OLM Extractor Pro” that answers our question above with a resounding YES!

mac outlook to windows live mail

“OLM Extractor Pro” simplifies the migration through a creative design of interface that can be used by anyone without any technical knowledge of email migration. All you need to know is how to archive emails to OLM files from Outlook 2011, and you will be able to get the benefits of this excellent Mac application without a single worry.

And to archive data to OLM files is extremely simple. Just go to Mac Outlook, click ‘File’ and click ‘Export’. Choose the folders for migration and click ‘next’. This gives you all your Mac Outlook emails and other contents into an archived format inside OLM files. Now load these files to “OLM Extractor Pro” and hit ‘convert’ after choosing output as “EML file.” The tool rebuilds the entire database from OLM to EML file, which you import to Windows Live Mail.

The conversion is precise down to the single bit of your data. Nothing is missed. Unlike other Mac Outlook to Windows Live converters, “OLM Extractor Pro” doesn’t end up with partial export of data. From your graphical contents embedded within the bodies of emails, from your email attachments, from your non-English text, to essentially everything else is safely moved to new format called EML files that can be read by Windows Live Mail.

A winner of many awards by tech-sites, “OLM Extractor Pro” surely has provided the much required relief for thousands of users.

Forget about all the anxiety and pain and frustration of data migration. You won’t be subjected to that anymore.

Get it to Migrate Mac Outlook to WIndows Live Mail

And what’s even better? “OLM Extractor Pro” is backed up by 24×7 customer support of USL Software that further irons out any setbacks a user might experience during Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail migration. You can expect a smooth and flawless process that works great at every step.

Download the free trial version to experience all of it directly and migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Live Mail without any hassle.

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