Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail and Turn It into a Child’s Play

Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail using a USL Software built tool, with multiple features, extra protection for data, and a 24x7 customer support.

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Here’s Your Chance to Skip the Struggle While Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail and Turn It into a Child’s Play.

Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

Outlook 2011 and Apple Mail may be two email clients for the same platform (Mac), but they are very diverse in their data files, functionality, and everything else that migrating data between them can be a real pain in the neck. It’s distressing for beginners especially because of the concern of data loss.

Most users employ a manual conversion method. In which, a dummy email account is used that supports IMAP (like Gmail). All the data synched from Outlook 211 to that account, and then back to Apple Mail client from the servers.

It doesn’t really pan out well, and there are many complications. Moreover, you need an email account that has the storage capacity of all your data that you need to move, which is surely unlikely. And the worst part is that data migration is often incomplete. It doesn’t take into account small but very important details, such as timestamps of emails, digital signatures, SMTP and headers, and sometimes even big files as attachments.

No wonder it’s a nightmare for many.

Here’s your chance to turn it into a child’s play.

Instead of fiddling around an extra email account, manual methods, and other inefficient ways, use a third-party converter to convert the data files directly. All you need to do is backup your data to an OLM file from Outlook 2011, and use these tools convert that into an Apple Mail file, which is MBOX.

But the next step is again very tricky – finding that perfect software application to do that. Most converters aren’t up to the task. That’s why this tool-hunt has been taken care by us for you.

USL Software has always been at the forefront of email migration software technology. And so, there is no other better than USL to turn to. Luckily, they have a Mac utility that can convert OLM files to MBOX, just what we need, how we need.

It’s called ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ and is a Mac application. You can search all you want but sadly all of the OLM file converters are Windows based. All except this one. Moreover, it has an interface that’s modern, flexible, equipped with features you want, and yet, it is extremely simple to use. The arrangement of all the features is properly laid out in a wizard that you…anyone…can follow with ease.

With ‘OLM Extractor Pro,’ all you need to do manually is backup your data to OLM files, if you haven’t done it already. Fire up the tool, load the files up, check the folders and other settings, check ‘MBOX’ or ‘Mac Mail’ as output format, and hit ‘Convert’. Working with 10 time more speed than the regular converters and 20 times more speed than manual methods, you will get everything converted to MBOX files with no data loss.

If that’s not enough, there is also 24×7 customer support making it further easier, especially for complete beginners, or for large scale migration projects. Whatever setbacks you face, there is a whole team of experts that will get you out of it.

Click here to download the free trial version of ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’ This mode runs without locking any feature till ten items conversions per folder, enough to give you a clearer picture of how the tool functions, and to give you peace of mind before proceeding with the full version order.

Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail with OLM Extractor Pro

Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail

Export Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, EML with OLM Extractor Pro.

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