Export Mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird

Export mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird – quickest way to convert complex email data without losing the integral details of your email files are that so important from every perspective. Here’s a simple tutorial.

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How to export mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird? Here is the Approach that experts recommend.

Export Mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird

Exporting mails from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird can be a bit of a nightmare, if you don’t know what you are doing. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to get this done without any partial conversion errors. The tool you are going to be needing is called “OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software, the best in this category.

Export Mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird

Here’s how you can convert mails from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird efficiently, as recommended by experts.

  • First of all, download “OLM Extractor Pro” setup and install it. You can try the free demo version for now, if you just want to follow the steps outlined below to see how it works.
  • Second you are going to be needing OLM (Mac Outlook Archive) Files to begin conversion.

Converting OLM files is the best and sometimes the only way to get the emails stored in Outlook 2011 transferred to Thunderbird email client. It applies to both locally stored data (not on servers) and on data stored on the web-servers. The tool, “OLM Extractor Pro” converts the native OLM files of Outlook 2011 into files compatible with Thunderbird.

Here’s how you can first get the data into OLM files, if you haven’t done it already:

Note that this applies to almost all Outlook versions (2011 and 2016) with few minor differences.

  1. Launch Outlook and click on ‘Export’ icon inside the ‘Tools’ tab at the top bar.
  2. In the next box that opens up, choose what you want to export to OLM files (Mails, contacts, calendar, tasks, or notes) or choose the items in the available categories as your mailboxes.
  3. Click “continue” and choose the location you want to save the archived OLM File.
  4. Once Outlook has archived everything into the OLM file, you will get the notification. Click “Finish.”

You can use the Mac “Time Machine” feature to automatically back up your Outlook data to OLM files at regular intervals. Check the Mac’s documentation on how to use the Time Machine feature, if you are interested in that.

Now that you have the OLM file ready to be converted into Thunderbird supporting format, you can launch “OLM Extractor Pro.”

How to use “OLM Extractor Pro” to convert Mac Outlook (2011/2016) to Thunderbird

“OLM Extractor Pro” is a simple to use tool with a basic UI but advanced algorithms that will offers you the best possible way to migrate the complex data. It is straightforward to use, even for beginners, and results in accurate output free of any integrity errors.

Here are the steps to convert OLM to Thunderbird:

  1. Launch “OLM Extractor Pro” and click on “Add OLM” and select the OLM files you want to convert (the ones you got from the section above). Note that you can select more than one OLM file by selecting one folder that may contain any number of OLM files.export outlook 2011 to thunderbird
  2. The tool scans the files and gives you the preview of all the folders inside the files. You can also choose to remove any folder that you don’t want to convert by simply un-checking them. Or use the filter options to easily remove any type of items you don’t want, like mails, contacts, or calendar.export mac outlook 2011 to thunderbird
  3. There are three different options that you can tweak accordingly:
    • Unread and read emails keeps in different folders after conversion
    • Merging all contacts per folder in a single file (*.VCF)
    • Merging all calendar per folder in a single file (*.ICS)
  4. Choose the output format, which is “Thunderbird email database” in this case. Note that the tool “OLM Extractor Pro” can also convert the OLM files to Apple Mail database, Entourage database, MBOX files, and EML files.
  5. Click “convert” and wait for the tool to finish the conversion. It won’t take long, depending on the number of items inside the OLM Files and their total size.export mac outlook to thunderbird
  6. Once finished, you will get the notification, along with the direct links to the open the converted Thunderbird database, a brief conversion log, and a detailed conversion log stored in a text document.export outlook for mac to thunderbird

No other tool comes near to the simplicity of this method of converting OLM files to Thunderbird and therefore in exporting mails from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird compatible files. “OLM Extractor Pro” is simple because of the creative graphical oriented wizard that eliminates any complex manual steps and simply delivers an intuitive step-by-step approach that doesn’t need expertise on email migration.

On top of that, the tool has lot of other features that no other Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird conversion offers, such as:

  • Options to convert OLM data Files to other formats like as Apple Mail, MS Entourage, MBOX and MEL files
  • It also converts contacts and calendar data to VCF and ICS files respectively, and gives you the merge option (as stated above in the 3rd step)
  • It converts the mails without losing the folder they are associated with, but also keeps all the folders in the same hierarchy as original. The output converted files reflect the exact same structure of the folders as was originally stored in Outlook, which is not the case usually when you use generic and unprofessional conversation tools.
  • The advanced algorithms also take care of more complex information inside the email data files like OLM. The tool ensures everything is converted without losing the details. Some examples of otherwise tricky items that it converts accurately are: headers, MIME defined emails, UNICODE defined text, email attachments, images and other graphical objects, nested emails, metadata, and more.
  • The speed of the data conversion is the fastest among all such tools for this purpose, which is even more impressive considering how accurate and thorough “OLM Extractor Pro” is.
  • There are very few errors, either in output files or during the transition itself, thanks to its precise framework of logic and algorithms that run without gaps.
  • The 24 x 7 tech support makes it easier for beginners to ask for help or make the process even easier in case they face any confusion or problems.

Get it to Export Mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird

Download “OLM Extractor Pro” here. You can try the free demo version if you want to first check it out without any risk.

To export Mail from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird (Mail, Calendar data and Contacts), try ‘OLM Extractor Pro’.

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