The Definite Approach to Convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail

How you can convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail without worrying about whatever that you worry about during email migration with ordinary tools?

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Convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a fairly old email client, but the data file that it uses (EML) is still relevant. In fact, it is the most generic data file for storing email messages. Outlook 2011 for Mac, on the other hand, is a modern email client but it uses OLM file that is not compatible with any other program or IMs.

Therefore, for any user who wants to export emails from Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail, the fact that both clients uses different files is a huge hindrance.

The best option is to convert OLM files to EML files, but that too is difficult because of no proper applications that can do without making a mess of your data.

USL Software changed that.

The most definite approach to convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail is to convert OLM to EML using “OLM Extractor Pro,” a Mac application from USL. The app works flawlessly in extracting all kinds of content from these Outlook 2011 OLM files without missing anything.

convert outlook 2011 to windows live mail

What you have to do is also very simple (thanks to the basic design of the app). First, archive the data from Outlook 2011 to OLM Files if you haven’t yet done so. Just to ‘File’ –> and click ‘Export,’ choose the folders you want to export and click ‘next.’ This will get everything that you selected archived into OLM Files that would be converted in the next step.

How to Convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail?

Now launch “OLM Extractor Pro” (download the setup here and you can try the rest of the tutorial in the free trial version). Click on “Load” and select the OLM files that you archived the data into in the above passage.

Check other settings in “OLM Extractor Pro” and set them according to your preferences. There are few that are really helpful in making a clean export of your data – such as filtering folders, ignoring empty folders, merging contacts to a single VCF file and calendar reminders into a single ICS file, respectively.

Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail

Next, check the output format is set to ‘*eml, *ics, *vcf’ and hit ‘convert’ to start the extraction. This will keep your original OLM Files safe but also create a clean copy of the entire database within them into VML files with the same structure and keeping every metadata and property intact.

The next step is to copy this converted EML file into your Windows PC and import them to Windows Live Mail.

That’s it. This works with all kinds of OLM files (Outlook 2011 and 2016). You can also import EML files to any other email client where they are supported, such as, Microsoft Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, and QuickMail.

The quality of data conversion (accuracy, data integrity, speed, etc.) that you get with ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ is indubitably much higher than all other tools for this purpose.

For instance, many of them do not convert non-English text, mess up with your folder structure, can damage the email addresses, rarely converts images without losing their properties, and so on. “OLM Extractor Pro” is built with dedicated algorithms suited for modern OLM files architecture style. So, it is able to make a clean and wide sweep of your data and aptly convert it into EML format without modifying even a tiny bit of original details.

Get it to Convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail

USL Software is also well-known for their excellent tech support. If you face any problems (which is unlikely), you can expect it to get resolved within few minutes.

Download Now at

Use it in free mode (that converts 10 items per folder) to check out how it all works in action.

Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail Converter

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To convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail, try ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ today.

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