Convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX -The Advanced Method

Convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX with results like an advanced user with years of experience in email migratin would get! Find out how.

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The Advanced Method to Convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX

Now Applicable Even by Total Beginners with Ease!

Converting Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX can open a can of worms. The common tools or techniques used are far too sloppy to get neat output out of email migration. The manual methods that many recommend (using email account with IMAP based feature) have almost dwindled due to the dozens of irreversible damages they cause to data.

The only acceptable form of data migration is using a professional third-party tool. But they can be hard to find, and once you do find them, they disappoint by being too costly. Moreover, they appear to be very complicated to use, fit only for big IT department of corporations.

These tools are rare, and almost all of them are Windows based. They are not fit for basic user, and even enterprises have them custom-built to fit their needs. This leaves a basic user stranded with either sloppy programs built by amateurs to cash in on the opportunity or nothing.

“OLM Extractor Pro” fro USL Software – A Ray of Hope!

Well, not anymore. With the innovative tool from USL Software, you can avail the benefits of advanced email migration features while using a friendly interface, and all of this at surprisingly affordable cost.

The breakthrough in data extraction and computational logic for email data make it possible for anyone to achieve sharp and precise data export results.

This tool by USL Software is called ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ and will help you convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX quickly, easily, and with 100% safety for the integrity of your data. It has almost all the features that anyone would require for such a task without any restriction. Moreover, the graphical interface truly gives it a phenomenal status as that is what makes it an all-around laudable software product.

Through inspiring design of its interface and advanced data conversion protocols, USL Software has managed to make it a perfect fit for both large-scale and small-scale migration projects. There is nothing that the developers at USL might have ignored, both from the perspective of an advanced IT professional or a basic home user.

Convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX

Features that make Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX Conversion a Breeze!

Let us quickly take a look at some of its features: –

  • The wizard is symmetrically structure to give you a seamless experience of the entire process. You’d intuitively know what step to take next, and before you notice, your data is converted.
  • It can convert multiple OLM files of any size to MBOX in a single batch. This feature of bulk conversion gives the tool a priceless attribute for users with large database. Now you don’t have to convert each file separately, which was the major cause of productivity taking a hit during such tasks.
  • All languages can now be converted within email bodies without damage. This also includes Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ generates MBOX file with Unicode framework and has a unique system to detect characters of any language.
  • There is a full log report with all the details and in-depth information about the conversion. This can be very useful for users that need to perform the task multiple times; they can find errors quickly, along with several other advantages.
  • Most tools fail to even preserve the read/unread status of emails. This one not only maintains it, it also allows you to save them to different folders for easy management later on.

Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX Conversion

Convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX for Free – The Trial Version!

You don’t have to take a leap of faith here. Although, if you look into the history of USL Software, it wouldn’t be a leap in any sense. It would be perfectly reasonable.

Still, for sceptics and for those who like to research some more and dive deep before buying anything, there is a good new. ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ is available as a free trial version as well. You can download it using the link given below, and convert ten items from each folder while checking out all the features and functions. It’s extremely easy to unlock the full version later by ordering your paid license/key.

Download Now

Convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX for Free

Get it today to convert Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX.

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