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convert outlook 2011 for mac to apple mail

If you are looking to migrate the data from Outlook 2011 into any other email client of your choice, OLM Extractor Pro is your best possible tool to do that. It converts OLM files to various other popular email file formats, delivering precise and accurate conversion of data.

Mac Outlook is considered a handy email client with high performance index. But, in spite of the praise by users, Mac Outlook also receives a small amount of criticism its way. It relates to how susceptible it is to data corruption. That has been a primary cause of a considerable amount of users migrating from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird, Applemail, Entourage, Postbox or some other common email client. You may be switching for the same reason.

OLM Extractor Max is a tool that is fitting very neatly into the situation. It can interact with your OLM files from the database and swiftly converts to MBOX, EML, or EMLX or similar other format.

It can perform all the following conversions:-

What is an OLM file?

OLM file is an archived file format that Outlook 2011 uses to store the content, including mails, contacts, tasks, and calendar items. You can export all your data into an OLM file using Outlook’s export wizard and can keep that OLM file safe for any other future purposes. It is not only used for email migration but also for a backup reason.

OLM Extractor Pro is a powerful tool, running on a sophisticated framework of computer programming by the experts. On the other hand, it still has a very simple design that gives it the functionality and flexibility a common user needs.

Here are some of the consequences of a simple design and an intricate technology that has been employed into it:-

Speed of conversion

OLM Extractor Pro can target bulk of OLM files and is capable of converting all of them in a very quick time. At its core is a methodical and orderly programming that enables all commands to execute quickly and smoothly. This ensures no lag issues, no pause or gap during executions, and ultimately, no drag during the process. The result is a speed that will leave you gasping.


Developers at USL software are well aware that the end users who will be using the tool need a simple solution to a complex task. Their objective of offering simplicity is evident from the interface of the tool. The process is downright simple, easy to follow, straight forward, and effortless.

Maintains Data Integrity

Assuring the data consistency before and after the conversion is where most tools do not make the grade. Maintaining the data accuracy, ensuring that the critical information/data is preserved, and no unwanted modification has occurred is challenging. But, OLM Extractor Pro is definitely up to the task and guarantees complete data integrity. No changes in data will be observed after the OLM files are done converting to a different file format.

OLM Extractor Pro will maintain:-

  • Your folder hierarchy
  • Imbedded images within mails
  • Nested messages
  • Attachments
  • Metadata (to, subject, Cc, Bcc, etc.)
  • Read/unread status of your mails
  • Préserve Unicode content (Non English content)

Data Safety

Data loss is a step ahead in the severity of data corruption issues. It means the permanent loss or deletion of the data during the conversion process.

OLM Extractor Pro has all the precautions necessary to protect the data from any unsolicited activity that could result in such event. It has an effective defensive system within, which protects the data from loss during cases like abrupt shutdown, virus attack, another program interference, etc.

Moreover, the packages at which the company has brought the tool is impressive too. The cost is very economical, giving a lot of value at a low cost.

Make sure to try the free demo version today –

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OLM Extractor Pro – Convert Outlook 2011 for Mac to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage 2004/2008, Postbox, MBOX, EML file format.

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