PST to MBOX Windows Tool Can be Painful to Use; Choose This Tool Instead!

PST to MBOX Windows based or Mac based tool? This post will answer your question, and will also give you a better idea how to convert the files without any blunders like data loss or integrity loss.

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PST to MBOX Windows Vs Mac Tool

PST to MBOX Windows conversion tools lack the power to convert the data efficiently. They would often leave important elements like headers or images or Unicode text or anything that is complex information.

This is also called data integrity error where the input doesn’t match the output files.

That’s why you have to go with Mac based PST to MBOX converter. This may sound strange at first, because PST is a Windows Outlook file, but there’s a lot of benefits processing data from PST to MBOX in a Mac OS environment.

And even though most of the Mac PST to MBOX tools don’t have what it takes to convert data accurately, they are far better than their counterparts in Windows. Today we are revealing one of the best solutions that is out there to do this task without facing any issues, most importantly data integrity errors.

But as you will see, this solution is not just the best because it converts data without errors, but because it is a complete software package/service from USL Software that reaches far beyond the capabilities of a simple file converter. It offers features, options, controls, support, and more to make you perform PST to MBOX conversion simple.

The tool goes by the official name of “PST Extractor Pro” and is offered by USL Software.

PST to MBOX Windows

PST Extractor Pro to Convert PST to MBOX

Let’s quickly take a look at the best functionalities that it has to offer, and that will help you see what makes the most endorsed and recommended tool by anyone who uses it, be it beginners or advanced users:

  • First of all, as with every other software application of any kind, the most important part has to be interface because it allows users to interact with the features. Luckily, “PST Extractor Pro” has an intuitive UI that makes it very simple to use, in spite of its sophisticated features and complex algorithms at its core.
  • “PST Extractor Pro” is one of the few converters that can interact with multiple files at once. You just have to select the folder containing all the PST files you need to convert and the tool will convert to MBOX in one go. It is far more impressive if you consider that the tool is highly accurate and quick and the batch conversion feature doesn’t compromise with anything.
  • It goes beyond the scope of this article, but it’s worth noting that it also allows you to convert PST to multiple other formats, not just MBOX. Such as: Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and EML files.
  • Full tech support 24×7 makes it easier on beginners to get help whenever they require or to answer the queries. The tool is incredibly easy to use without having any background knowledge about the process, but it can be puzzling in some areas for total beginners and that’s the support staff comes into picture.

PST Extractor Pro” has a truly advanced and efficient algorithms to process information correctly and not end up with data fragmentation or integrity errors. It is almost turning the process that is otherwise too daunting on its head and giving users the simplistic approach to it.

Download the trial version to see how it works now!

Get it here:

If you face any problems or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support.

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