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Discover the secret of Importing Olm to Thunderbird Mac easily, in no time, and also preserve the integrity of data.

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OLM Extractor Pro to Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac.

Mac Outlook and Thunderbird are two popularly used email clients in Mac. They have tons of functionality for optimizing the way you work with emails, contacts, and other items. However, they are different clients and have various differences too. One big difference is that Thunderbird is free and is open source. Some users love anything open source.

But there is one problem that is prominent and that arises when users wish to import Olm to Thunderbird Mac for data migration. This is because the Olm file is not directly import-able to Thunderbird, which is a client that mainly uses Mbox file or Eml files.

Many users have gone the way of manual transferring of data, which involves an email account with IMAP support, and then syncing it through the client. However, it’s not exactly doable unless you have high speed internet and heaps of hours lying around. If you heed the words of experts, you won’t go going that way.

The better option is to employ some third party software that is efficient in file conversion. These tools can extract data from Olm files and implement it into Thunderbird database, which can be imported to Thunderbird at your own convenience.

Olm Extractor Pro” by USL Software is known to be one of the best tools that offer graphical interface for using it. It’s simple – just load your Olm files and choose “Thunderbird” from the output.

import olm to thunderbird mac

The other difference between “Olm Extractor Pro” and other tools is the precision with converted files. The data in converted Thunderbird files will exactly mirror the data in source Olm files. It doesn’t corrupt or damage or miss out any element during the process, which makes it a deeply satisfying tool for data migration. Because the concern of incomplete migration is very much omnipresent at all times.

The tool’s development took several stages, ironing out the issues that are usually faced by users. First, the algorithm was devised for thorough conversion. Unique methods were applied to support non-English text, to preserve folder hierarchy, and to give precise data integrity as a whole. Then, the interface was designed to use the tool without any training. The intuitive nature of its GUI makes the job effortless.

In spite of the simplicity at its front-end, the tool can be used at quiet complex and large scale migration. It supports batch conversion of Olm files easily. Contacts and calendar conversion can be carried out automatically to Vcf and Ics file respectively. The tool will detect the type of items inside the folders on its own and convert them appropriately.

There are options such as saving read/unread emails in separate folders, merging all converted contacts to one Vcf file, merging all calendar entries to one Ics file. On top of this, the tool also lets users convert Olm files other various formats, not just Thunderbird, such as Apple Mail, Postbox, Entourage, Mbox format, Rge format, Eml format, etc.

To import olm to Thunderbird Mac, the free trial version can be downloaded from the Download Now page.

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