How to Open OLM file on Mac Mail

How to open OLM file on Mac Mail? Sadly, you cannot do it because OLM is a proprietary format only applicable in Outlook for Mac clients. You can, however, change it to another format that Mac Mail can read and import. Here’s a simple way to change the format.

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How to Open OLM File on Mac Mail When the OLM Format is Applicable Only on Outlook Mac Versions?

Moving data files across programs and clients has been the common way of migrating data. It’s the quickest and often the safest way to get your emails from one client to another. However, when those data files are not compatible across different clients, that’s when you need to find another approach.

This applies to Mac Outlook to Mac Mail data transfer. Since Outlook for Mac uses OLM format, which is a proprietary file format only applicable in Outlook itself, you can’t take the OLM file and move it into Mac Mail database. Mac Mail will not be able to open or import that file.

How to Open OLM file on Mac Mail

So, how can you open OLM file on Mac Mail? The short answer is that you cannot. It’s technically impossible to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the data from OLM files to Mac Mail, which is what your main goal is eventually.

The simple answer is to convert the files to Mac Mail compatible format. There’s no simple answer to how you can do that and using which tool.

Compatibility Outlook (OLM) and Mac Mail

Because of lack of compatibility of OLM file into Mac Mail, lack of any official support to migrate data, and the fact that moving from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail is a frequent task, there has been a number of third-party solutions that have emerged. The solutions come in the form of OLM file conversion tools, using which you can get all your data stored within OLM file converted to Mac Mail files and then import those files instead.

The Challenges

The problem, though, is that those converters don’t work as you’d expect them to. Many of them are too simple and rigid to get the complex information from the email files like OLM. Had those files were limited only to English text, it wouldn’t be that complicated. But in today’s age, email files can be filled with a lot of information and to extract all of it cannot be accomplished by simple algorithms.

But that’s where this post comes in for your help. Below we discuss one of the smartest OLM conversion tool that leaves behind the challenges and limitation of a generic tool. This is developed by USL Software and has the dedicated algorithms required to get the complex elements from your files. The best part about the tool is that it is able to convert OLM to Mac Mail with utmost precision, getting to each and every element of your database, and ending up with 100% thorough output.

Data Conversion

Some of the most taxing data information to collect during this conversion process are, for example, Unicode characters, mainly Chinese and Japanese and any other variant of those DBCS languages using double-byte to encode a single graphical character, as opposed to English, that uses ASCII and a single-byte for a single graphical character. Another example would be graphical information that are not obvious. Photos can be converted without too much effort, but items like logos, icons, etc. are often lost during conversion or not converted with the original metadata. Thirdly, there are email attachments too large or have extension not common, lime MIME defined attachments.

All these are the examples of components in most databases today that do not get converted with generic OLM file conversion tools.

Utility to Open OLM file on Mac Mail

And there’s where this excellent utility from USL Software (called OLM Extractor Pro) delivers perfect conversion output without any loss of details.

Open OLM file on Mac Mail

You can try it for yourself and see how perfectly it works. The trial version doesn’t restrict you from checking out the features themselves, but it does limit the items for conversion to ten per folder. It’s a perfect way to evaluate the tool before you are fully confident to get the full version.

Note that OLM Extractor Pro also converts OLM files to other formats like Thunderbird, standard MBOX, EML, and other formats.

Download it today and know how to open olm file on Mac Mail.

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