How to Import Olm to Apple Mail?

Import Olm to Apple Mail using a software by USL software called Olm Extractor Pro.

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Import Olm to Apple Mail using OLM Extractor Pro

Olm file is a native file format of Mac Outlook. It is not supported by any other client or program. Therefore, if you are looking to import Olm to Apple Mail, you can’t do it directly. You are going to have to convert the file to Mbox format, which is the file format that Apple Mail supports natively. Or you can also convert the email folders to Mbox directly.

One way to do that is drag the Outlook folders one by one to desktop. The emails will be converted to Mbox format, which can be imported to Apple Mail easily.

The problems with this approach are –

  • It can only be applied to emails, not contacts or calendars.
  • It is very lengthy process because you have to drag each folder individually. Not a very good method if you have a large database with many folders.
  • It does not convert the emails inside a sub-folder (folder inside folder). Not a very good method if you have a complex folder hierarchy.
  • There are many issues with data integrity – missing images, attachments, headers, meta-data, and such.

The second approach is using the tools that convert Olm to Apple Mail. To use these tools, you first archive data to an Olm file(s), and then the tool converts it to an .mbox file(s). This process is not quiet simple from the developers’ point of view and very tools can achieve this.

If you are looking for one that can achieve this, try “Olm Extractor Pro”. USL Software, the company behind the tool, created some sophisticated algorithms to convert the files without any integrity loss. It also removes all the limitations and issues that were present with manual migration method as listed above.

  • It can be applied to all items, emails, contacts, calendar data, and everything else that be stored in Olm files.
  • No need to manually drag each folder now. Moreover, “Olm Extractor Pro” works faster than any other file conversion that’s out there.
  • It converts the data while keeping the folder hierarchy preserved.
  • The tool is able to convert the data while keeping the data integrity preserved. It keeps the images, attachments, headers, meta-data, and all this information preserved.

“Olm Extractor Pro” is easy to use because of its excellent interface. The developers at USL Software made it such that all the features, instructions, and the support is friendly in nature and can be used by anyone. Up until now, the job of email migration was only doable by experts, even for them, it was quiet difficult. With this tool, this is not going to be a problem anymore.

The tool is also available as a free trial version that can convert 10 items per folder. You can download it the link given below.

Download Now

How to Import Olm to Apple Mail – Follow the steps below

import olm to apple mail

Click on “Add OLM” to add your OLM file. You can convert multiple OLM file at once.

How to import olm to apple mail

Choose what you want to convert. Mails, Contacts & Calendars and check / uncheck folders.

olm to apple mail

Choose the file format you want to convert from the drop down. Also there is merge option for merge contacts & calendars. Select according to your needs. Then click on “Convert”.

importing olm to apple mail

Conversion process.


import olm to mac mail

Click on “Locate Output Folder” to get your converted files.


To import olm to Apple Mail, download your evaluation copy today.

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