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Convert .OLM to .MBOX Freeware trial

Looking to move your data from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail? The best way to do that is by converting Outlook data file called OLM to Mac Mail data file called MBOX. This form of conversion can be done through third-party app to convert .OLM to .MBOX freeware or paid tools.

convert .olm to .mbox freeware

But if you are looking for a freeware solution, let me warn you right here. Most of them are built without any consideration to the safety of your data. They would often end up with inaccurate output MBOX files, where you can see much of details missing or not converted properly. This is the limitation of poorly written algorithms that do not scan and extract data from files with precision.

So, what can you do?

The best way to convert .OLM to .MBOX is to use a freeware trial version of a professionally built application that lets you check out the features and the accuracy before buying.

Today, we are talking about one such application that you are going to love if your objective is to move Mac Outlook to Mac Mail data through OLM to MBOX conversion.

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro.” Offered by USL Software, the application features advanced dedicated logic to convert each and ever element within files without missing important details. Such as: your graphical objects, email attachments, images, metadata, headers, non-English text characters, and so on. The app works with great precision and outputs without zero errors.

convert .olm to .mbox

The tool has also become the favorite of many experts because of its advanced functionalities that allows a lot of flexibility and control, which is very important when it comes to complicated jobs like this one.

Full support for batch conversion: One of such advanced features is the ability to handle large number of OLM files at the same time. You can simply select multiple OLM files and have them converted into MBOX in one go.

Select folders:

When you load OLM files, you don’t have to convert the entire data inside of them. You can manually select or remove the folders as you wish. You can also use the filter options to filter out the type of folders you don’t have to convert into MBOX.

Merge contacts and calendar: You can also merge contacts and calendar data into a single VCF and ICS file per folder. This makes it easy to manage those items later on in Mac Mail. Features like these make “OLM Extractor Pro” different from all the rest.

Quick Conversion:

worried that the job might take too long? Don’t’ be. In spite of its features and accuracy, it also converts huge bulk of files in no time. For example: it can convert a single GB of OLM file to MBOX in under 10 minutes, and it doesn’t compromise with any other aspect of the performance for speed.

Convert .OLM to .MBOX Freeware trial Version

There are many other qualities and features that you are going to like. Freeware tools for converting .OLM to .MBOX may be “free” but they cost a lot more in long run when it comes to your precious time, important emails, and overall efforts.

Go for “OLM Extractor Pro.” You can get a free trial setup if you want to know more.

convert olm to mbox

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Convert .OLM to .MBOX freeware trial version of ‘OLM Extractor Pro‘ for hassle free migration of emails, contacts, calendars etc.

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